Melanin on Fleek !

This is what you call Melanin on fleek ! In this day and age where there’s so much focus on skin color and when when people are being persecuted, judged, and sometimes discriminated against for the color of ther skin. It’s great to see Angolan Model, Maria Borges and Sudanese model Ajak Deng on full fleek display in an Editorial by MODELS.COM.

The pair wore clothing and jewelry collections from various fashion designers including Nigeria’s Bridget Awosika, Meena, Kenneth Ize, Nkwo, Tsemaye Binitie, Grey, Ré (Bahia), Washington Roberts, Orange Culture; Ghana’s Osei Duro; Cote D’Ivoire’s Loza Maleombho; Kenya’s Omondi, Needle & Thræd; Senegal’s Sophie Zinga; Sudan’s Omer Asim and accessory and shoe pieces from designers including Almasika,  Brother Vellies, Richard Braqo, Third Crown, Tree Fairfax, Nomad Vintage NYC, and OPost-Imperial.


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