Andreja – The First Transgender Model for Vogue

Tucked nonchalantly into a massive feature last year was a little sentence containing a huge piece of news.

The news was that Andreja Pejic, an Australian model and transgender woman, who was born with both male and female features, became the first transgender model to star in a beauty campaign for VOGUE and later for Kenneth Cole. Until 2014, Andreja was billed as an androgynous model (meaning she had the physical appearance of both a male and female) and actually described herself as living “in between genders”. Although Andreja walked runway shows as both a Male and Female Model, in 2014, she decided to undergo gender-confirmation surgery (the term that has come to replace gender-reassignment surgery) to enhance her female features and now identifies as a female.
Below are pictures from her various campaigns. What are your thoughts?



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