Crazy Kim Kardashian look-alikes.

Reality  TV Star Kim Kardashian definitely has gazillions of fans

…but we can tell you none of them have been crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars to look like their role model.

Two years ago, 25 year old Jordan Parke, a transgender and make-up artist  from Britain decided to do the unthinkable – he spent over $150,000 in cosmetic surgeries, laser hair removal, eyebrow tattoos and lip fillers just to look like Kim.

A year later, Jordan says his lips are leaking and that he’ll need more surgeries to fix his stiffed up leaking lips.


2422BF7800000578-2878560-image-a-43_14188980280782422BEE100000578-2878560-image-a-44_14188980853362422C2A300000578-2878560-image-a-4_141890079117323 year old British Make-Up artist Jordan James Parke2422C03100000578-2878560-image-a-42_1418897961558


Unfortunately this dude is not alone.

Claire Leeson is another crazy British Kim Kardashian fan who has taken her obsession to the Operating room. She spent over $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian.

maxresdefaultClaire-Leeson-Kardashian-1claire-leesona7rcvqqeaez2ihilufc9claire-leeson-300820_w1000Claire Leeson


…..and just this year, Camilla Osman, a Canadian Blogger, was discovered.

She also carried her obsession with Kim Kardashian a little too far, spending over $30,000 to look like Mrs. West

kamilla-osman-102420-year-old blogger, Kamilla Osman20-year-old blogger, Kamilla Osman320-year-old blogger, Kamilla Osman Canadian Blogger12142272_1535735290051452_1075096952_n-819x102420-year-old blogger, Kamilla Osman2

But no other person takes the cake farther than Kylie Jenner

Apparently being Kim Kardashian’s own sister wasn’t enough for Kylie who reportedly spent over $2Million – that’s right over $2Million to look like her big sister !


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Hordle/REX (4528067l) Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner announced as new Global ambassador for Nip FAB, London, Britain - 14 Mar 2015
Photo by Jonathan Hordle


Now we’re telling you, If you haven’t decided what your career will be, consider becoming a cosmetic surgeon. You definitely will be making a killing !


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