Albinos are being killed in Tanzania for rituals

Albinos, people born without pigmentation in their hair, skin and eyes, are now being targeted in Tanzania for witchcraft practices. Reports are now emerging in Tanzania, an Eastern African nation, that Albinos are having their limbs cut off for rituals and voodoo practices by people (some of whom include politicians) who use them for rituals.

The UN reported that since the year 2000, at least 75 albinos have been killed in Tanzania with many hacked to death by people who wanted their body parts for black magic.

Below are some of the kids who escaped brutal death from heartless savages who brutally chopped off their limbs for rituals. Most of them now live in fear for the rest of their lives.




Others continue to live in fear knowing they may be kidnapped for ritual but hoping that these deadly and inhumane practice will stop


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  1. Let the government of tanzania do something about that evil acts.
    And to people who are found in behavior
    should not be continue in that because, it is a sin to take away an man life.

  2. Its not in Tanzania but they have also entired into Zambia just some few weeks ago we had an albino killed by the same tanzanians

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! So so touching. Why do they have to go through this humiliation because of their colour. Please, the government of Tanzania should draft a lasting solution to this inhumane acts. They are also humans, real humans and shouldn’t be treated less or disregarded. Oh! Look at them, they look innocent and vulnerable. May God lift-up good-hearts that will fight for their survival, because they never choose the colour of their skin by themselves. God made us all for a distinct and useful purpose.

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