10 signs to look for in a cheating partner

If you think your spouse may be cheating on you then of course you want to communicate your assumptions and fear to him/her. Remember great communication is always the key to a great relationship but then there are times when you’d like to verify if your cheating suspicions are even valid by gathering evidence or facts before proceeding with communication…..and for those times, here are the signs you’ll need to look for:

  1. The very first on the list is your gut instinct: Always listen to your gut…..8 out of 10 times, you’re probably right EXCEPT if you are the paranoid type.
  2. Guarding the cellphone. If he/she suddenly starts hoarding his cellphone, won’t let you touch it, starts password protecting it all of a sudden – You better watch out because something is definitely up.
  3. If he/she starts picking up a fight without provocation: If he starts picking up fights with you for no reason and without any provocation, better know it’s just a cowardly way to have you initiate the break up by using quarrels as a cheap cop out.
  4. If he/she mistakenly AND consistently drops the same name into your conversation: This right here is a no brainer. Human beings can only keep the lid on affairs for so long without having a minor slip up and this is one you ought to watch out for.
  5. Doesn’t want sex. He/She may not entirely say no but if there is no physical affection any more and there is no medical causation….especially when he or she has always been eagerly affectionate in prior instances, then behold something is fishy.
  6. Social media. This right here is the ultimate maker and breaker of all relationships. If there were data collected on the count of relationships that have been broken as a result of social media interaction with exes, we’re sure they’ll be in the thousands! If you notice something fishy on status profiles, social media messaging patterns, it may be time for a sit down with your partner….but then remember, not all suspicious social media activities lead to infidelity.
  7. Birth Control: When you find birth-control pills or condoms and the both of you are not supposed to be using any…..uhmmmm, its definitely time to chat.
  8. Cologne/Perfume: If your partner leaves in the morning smelling like their usual fragrance but comes back smelling like some other fragrance (Assume they don’t work in a fragrance store), it MAY be time for a conversation.
  9. Cologne/Perfume: If your partner returns home from work and almost immediately constantly heads to the shower (assuming this is not the normal routine and assuming again that the line of work is not a dirty one), you may want to be on the look out.
  10. Increase in social activities: Start taking note if your partner starts going out alone, starts attending more functions, more meetings and more parties ALONE. A guys’ or girls’ night out or a business parties are usual cover-ups.

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